Mod Cold Press Juicer Review: Will I Use It?!

You may have already read my article on finding the best cold press juicer Australia and know all about my new favourite kitchen appliance already. If you haven’t read it, and haven’t already guessed from the Mod Juicer review, I’ll give you a clue……it’s the Mod Cold Press juicer!!

My partner has been trying to get me into juicing for years so when I finally caved and agreed to look into it, I was determined not to throw my money away on something that wouldn’t last. I wanted the best quality machine but without having to spend an absolute fortune.

Well, I think I might have just found it and I figured I should write this detailed Mod Cold Press Juicer Review so that you can buy with the same confidence!

Quick Mod Cold Press Juicer Review Summary


  • Quick and efficient at juicing
  • Super easy to clean


  • A little heavy (but I would consider this a sign of quality)

Overall Thoughts

I think the Mod cold press juicer is great value for money. It’s quick and easy to set up, feels really robust and was easy to use without the need for any complicated instructions! You can find the Mod Cold Press Juicer for sale on their website….

mod cold press juicer review

Full Mod Juicer Review

First Thoughts

When I received the juicer in the mail I was so excited I was basically jumping up and down (is that a little pathetic….maybe). Anyway, I unpacked the box and was pleasantly surprised by the extra bits and pieces the juicer comes with, including the handy little drinks bottle and really cute recipe cards.

Everything seemed to be really high quality, the machine had a bit of weight to it but was still light enough for my pathetic little arms. All the pieces looked durable and everything gave the impression of something that would last a long time.

One thing I will say is to thoroughly check you have ALL the pieces out of the box. I was throwing the trash out when the strainer fell out from one of the foam-padded sections and I hadn’t even noticed it in there.


The Mod cold juicer really is quick and easy to assemble. Straight out of the box I quickly figured out how to put things together without even having to read any instructions.

Simply line up the red dots, click everything into place, place one jug below the juice spout and one below the slot where the pulp comes out and you’re ready to go.

I like to leave the spout closed, so that my juice mixes in the juicer bowl, then strain it through the handy little sieve that fits into the top of the jug. I have noticed that there is hardly ever any pulp in the juice though.

I’ll create a quick video Mod Juicer review shortly so you can see just how simple it is.

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mod juicer review

Mod Juicer in action

Once everything is ready to go just feed your fruits and vegetable through the chute and the juicer will make light work of them. If things do get a little stuck or don’t seem to be feeding into the machine well, which can occasionally happen, simply switch to reverse for a few seconds and things usually get going again. I’m making a short video to give some examples of how quickly the juicer handles sweet potato, carrots, apples and orange so watch this space.

This is also the perfect juicer for green juice, it can easily handle leafy greens, celery, cucumber and a whole manner of other nutritious green veggies (sometimes I even add broccoli stems). Next time I make one I’ll be sure to take a quick video.

Noise Level

Overall, I was really happy with the noise level – our babies room shares a wall with the kitchen and I have no worries juicing during nap time.

The only time I have noticed a little noise is when I juice sweet potato and I mean, come on, it’s sweet potato! That is one really tough vegetable to squash! Even then, the noise isn’t enough to wake my sleeping baby which, I think, speaks for itself!

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Clean up

Once you’re finished, just twist and remove the lid then the whole base can be lifted in one piece to avoid drips across the kitchen counter.

Disassemble things in the sink and give everything a quick rinse. Sometimes the mesh may need a little scrub with the handy little brush provided. I very rarely do this because I’m lazy and usually the water dislodges everything anyway.

Once a week I run the pieces through the dishwasher to make sure they get a more thorough clean and every part is fully dishwasher safe.

Best Features of the Mod Cold Juicer

Here’s a quick summary of some of my favourite things about this cold juicer.

  • The handy reverse function quickly and easily dislodges any produce that might not quite make it down into the mechanism.
  • The option to keep the juice spout closed means juice can mix right in the bowl so no need to try swirling the jug and splashing juice everywhere.
  • The strainer that fits perfectly into the top of the jug to avoid any pesky bits of pulp that make their way out.
  • The sorbet attachment allows you to make nut butters, sorbets and other treats.
  • The whole machine comes in a large, high-quality produce bag which is great for keeping your vegetables fresh in the fridge.
  • The handy cleaning brush makes getting any stubborn pulp out of the mesh super easy.
  • The juice bottle gives you a convenient place to securely store extra juice for later.
  • There are also some really cute recipe cards and a wellness plan in the box with some lovely graphics and easy to read instructions!

Final Mod Cold Press Juicer Review

I really did used to laugh when my partner told me he “loved juicing” and I just couldn’t understand why he would spend so long making a juice and cleaning up afterwards.

Once I tried the Mod Cold Press Juicer, I realised the problem wasn’t the juicing but the juicer! Being a mum and a business owner, I’m super busy and the Mod Cold Press juicer has shown me that getting a juice in every morning doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

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If you’re wondering why you should buy a cold press juicer – read my article on the benefits of cold press juice!

Sophie is a cook and food enthusiast who has owned and run a cafe in her remote community since 2017. She wants to show that, no matter how busy you are, there is a way to make cooking and family life simpler and more enjoyable.