MOD Blend Pro Review

I love to cook and I’ve tried many different blenders over the years. From cheap bullet blenders to top of the line multi purpose kitchen appliances. Some of them were great and others seriously missed the mark so I was intrigued to see what the MOD Blend Pro has to offer.

I use a blender literally every single day (I have smoothies for breakfast) and sometimes multiple times. I make soups, sauces, fruit sorbet, nut butters, rice flour and heaps more so any blender I’m going to try out has to be versatile and have quality blades that can handle nuts, seeds and even ice. The MOD Blend Pro didn’t disappoint!

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Overall Thoughts

Overall, I was really impressed by the ease of use, size of the blending jug and its ability to deal with really tough ingredients. If you’re looking for a high quality blender that’s versatile enough to handle hot and cold food and tough ingredients, the MOD Blend Pro could be it!

What Sets the MOD Blend Pro Apart?

Some of the words used by Mod to describe their Mod Blend Pro are “stylish”, “effortlessly controlled” and “innovative blending technology”. These might seem like big claims when you consider the sheer amount of blenders on the market today BUT I was surprisingly impressed with just about everything this modern kitchen appliance has to offer.

Don’t be fooled by the sleek exterior though, it’s definitely not style over substance with the Mod Blend Pro. The Japanese carbon steel blades coupled with their stay sharp technology make light work of even the toughest ingredients. I can easily grind my coffee beans and spices or just make my morning smoothie. The pre set functions make it even easier and take all of the guess work out of choosing the perfect setting.

Mod Blend Pro Review

MOD Blend Pro First Thoughts

When I first opened the package from Mod I was impressed by how high quality the parts were. The base was weighty but not over the top and the blending jug seemed very durable but lightweight. The display jumped out as me immediately with its modern and sleek look.

None of this was a huge shock to me though as I already own the MOD Cold Press Juicer and love that appliance as well so I knew MOD was a brand I could trust.

MOD Blend Pro Features


As always when reviewing products, I really tried hard to find negatives. That proved very difficult with the MOD Blend Pro.

I really feel like MOD have thought long and hard about user experience and each feature seems well thought out and designed to make the whole food prep experience faster and easier.

Touch Speed Control – I loved how easy it was to control the blending speed using the touch slider. There are 8 speeds and you simply swipe your finger up or down and the blender responds very quickly.

Preset Functions – There are 5 presets built into the blender; juicing, grinding, soups, smoothies ad ice-cream. The buttons are image only without any text but the pictures are quite obvious so I checked the manual once to confirm but I figured it out on my own. There is also a pulse function and the time display is very clear and easy to see from afar.

Carbon Steel Blades – The Japanese carbon steel blades are 2.2mm and marketed as having “stay sharp technology”. it’s hard for me to comment on the longevity as I’ve only had the blender for a few months but in a year or so I will report back (I’m sure it will be getting a lot of use). The blades are however very sharp and have made light work of everything I’ve tried them with so far (including hard things like ice cubes and frozen bananas).

Large Blending Jug – The jug that comes with the appliance can hold up to 2 litres and is light enough that, even when full, I can hold it in one hand. It’s made from 100% BPA plastic, is dishwasher safe and feels very durable.

MOD Blend Pro In Use

It’s really easy to use the MOD Blend Pro straight out of the box. The manual is simple and easy to follow but most people wouldn’t even need that to get started.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind keeping regularly used appliance out on the bench permanently. If you prefer to put appliances away every time you use them the MOD Blend Pro is still. a good option though. Although the base is heavy, it’s not overly so and no more than any other high quality blender I’ve used.

There is no difficult twisting or locking mechanism to get the jug into the best (a pet peeve of mine with some appliances). The jug simply slots into the base and the lid can be firmly pushed down into the jug. The measurement markings are also very clear and easy to read and I get the impression that they won’t wear down over time (I will update you though).

I’ve had a go at grinding coffee beans which turned out great for my coffee plunger. I made “nice-cream” with frozen bananas and raspberry  and they blended up quickly. Today I made a roasted tomato soup which came out silky smooth. in short everything I’ve tried so far has been a winner!

What Cleaning the MOD Blend Pro?


Cleaning my kitchen appliances, especially blenders, is one of my least favourite jobs. I will often put off cooking certain things if the cleaning feels like a big task.

With the MOD Blend Pro though I really don’t have to worry. There’s no need to take anything apart and all I do is put some water and washing liquid in the jug and give it a quick whizz. Most of the time I can then quickly wipe and rinse without needing to do anything else.

So, Is It Really Worth It?

Having tested a lot of sub par blenders I had high hopes for finally finding a high quality appliance and I really wasn’t disappointed. I do a lot of home cooking from scratch and bulk food prepping. I have a Thermomix but relying on one machine takes too long. I didn’t something that was just as powerful and high quality for blending, without the the huge price tag.

The MOD Blend Pro has given me everything I was looking for. It’s a high speed, powerful blender that makes light work of most things and that I can quickly clean to move onto my next recipe.

Not only will you be getting a high quality machine with durable blades but it also comes at a great price point so there’s no need to break the bank!

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Sophie is a cook and food enthusiast who has owned and run a cafe in her remote community since 2017. She wants to show that, no matter how busy you are, there is a way to make cooking and family life simpler and more enjoyable.