Easy Kitchen Organisation Tips To Make Life Easier

Having a disorganised kitchen can make it difficult to find what you need, or even the space that you need when it comes time to make a meal. Decluttering and organising your kitchen means that you will have more space, be able to find exactly what you need quickly, and have the space that you need to get in there and cook a meal. How do you get and keep your kitchen organised though? Not to worry, here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to get and keep your kitchen organised in no time flat!

Use Turntables 

Turntables sometimes referred to as a Lazy Susan, can be your best friend when it comes to kitchen organisation. Put your spices on one and sit it on the counter or in your pantry so that you can easily turn it to find the spice that you need, instead of having to pull all of them out of the cabinet to find it. You can even put one in the fridge to keep all of your condiments in one organised place instead of wherever they will fit. 

Hang Cleaning Sprays

Do you have a cabinet under your sink filled with cleaning sprays and other cleaning tools? Instead of having them scattered in the cabinet, hang a spring tension rod the width of the cabinet and then hang your cleaning bottles from that. Alternatively, you could get an over the cabinet door towel holder and put the towel holder side on the inside of the cabinet. Then you can hang your spray bottles on it neatly and out of the way. 

Use a Dish Rack for Organising Kids’ Dishes

A dish drying rack is an excellent storage solution for keeping kids’ bowls, plates, cups, and utensils together and out of the way. Just set the entire rack inside of the cabinet and you will have what you need within easy reach. Check out these Kmart hacks to help you with organising!

Make Pot Lid Holders

Instead of having your pot lids stuffed in a drawer or thrown into a cavernous cabinet where you can never find what you need, why not make your own pot lid holders? It is super simple to do, and you will always be able to find the lid that you need. Simply take two Command hooks for each lid and place them on the inside of your cabinet door at 8:00 and 4:00 (pretending the lid is a clock face) for each lid. The lid should sit easily in between the hooks. 

Install Magnetic Knife Strips

Magnetic knife strips can be hung on the side of a cabinet, inside a cabinet, or on a wall. Keeping your knives where you can easily grab them without risking getting cut by pulling them out of a drawer is a good thing. You can also use those magnetic strips for other kitchen items as well. You can easily hang metal spatulas, spoons, and ladles from them, and they are also handy for keeping any blades for your food processor or other appliances safely out of the way. 

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Get a Hanging Fruit Basket

A three-tiered hanging fruit basket keeps fruit and fruit baskets off of your counter, and they can be used for storing more than just fruits and vegetables. Loaves of bread, tortillas, bags of chips, and even rolled up dish towels can be stored in these baskets as well. 

Turn a Cabinet Into Drawers

Let’s face it drawers are a lot more valuable when it comes to kitchen storage and organization than drawers are. Instead of a stationary confined space, a drawer can be pulled out and you can see exactly what is in there. There are a couple of different ways that you can transform your cabinet into drawers. You can add rolling racks to your cabinets or wire baskets that you can hang from the inside of the cabinet that will slide out. You can also measure your cabinet and get a free-standing set of drawers that will fit inside of it. 

Use Space Under and Above Cabinets

Use the space that you have under your cabinets, and if you have wasted space above your cabinets use that too. Under your cabinets, you can hang hooks to put your coffee mugs or utensils on, and they even make magnetic spice jars to go under kitchen cabinets. If you have space above your cabinets it is a great spot to store appliances, pans, or serving platters that you don’t use very often. 

Use Dividers

Did you know that you can use dividers or tension rods to store your baking sheets, pot lids, platters, and cutting boards so that you can just slide out what you need instead of stacking them on top of each other? This makes it easier to find exactly what you need quickly and can prevent you from having to pull everything out of the cabinet to find something. 

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

We all have items in the kitchen that we rarely or never use. Lids or containers that no longer have a match, kitchen gadgets that only do one thing and rarely get used, or condiments that have expired. As you are going through and organising your kitchen get rid of these items that you don’t need anymore. There are just taking up space that you could use for items that you do use regularly. 

These tips should help you to keep your kitchen less cluttered and more organised so that you can find what you need easily, and still have the space available that you need to get in there and make a meal. What are some of your favourite kitchen organisation and decluttering tips? 

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Sophie is a cook and food enthusiast who has owned and run a cafe in her remote community since 2017. She wants to show that, no matter how busy you are, there is a way to make cooking and family life simpler and more enjoyable.