What Is The Best Weighted Blanket, Australia? (and do they actually work?!)

Weighted blankets started popping up all over the place recently and seem to be gaining more and more popularity every year. But what is the best weighted blanket Australia offers? How do they work? And what are the benefits anyway?!

Today, we’ll answer all those questions and more in this in-depth guide. There are so many different options on the market and it can seem overwhelming trying to find the right one for you. Don’t worry, because when you’re finished here, you’ll know everything there is to know.

First, I’ll share some detailed reviews of the top rated weighted blankets I’ve come across. Then, we’ll discuss all the features to look out for, safety considerations, benefits and more. So, whether you’re looking for the best weighted blanket for anxiety, cheap weighted blankets or something else entirely, we make buying a weighted blanket super easy.

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Our Pick for the Best Weighted Blanket, Australia

My favourite option here is the YnM weighted blanket thanks to the sheer number of sizes, colours, and weights it comes in. No matter your need or preference this blanket is sure to have an option to suit.

Weighted Blanket Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best rated weighted blankets reviewed in this article.

ProductFillingWeight SizePrice
Harrison Charcoal
Glass Beads5kg
180 x
DaveRose Kids
Daverose Kids/Adults Minky Dot Weighted Blanket | Upgraded One Piece Design Heavy Blanket | Reduce Stress Anxiety | Great for ADHS, Insomnia, Autism, Agitation (97x157cm 3.2kg, Violet Minky Dot / Light Grey)
Glass Beads3.2kg (kids)
5kg (adults)
9kg (adults)
97 x
Pine & River
Silica Beads6.8kg (adult)152 x
Glass Beads6.8kg (adult)203 x
Weighted Blanket by YnM for Adults(7.7kg for 72.5kg Individual), Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better, Great for Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, OCD, and Sensory Processing Disorder(152cm x 203cm)
Sand Pellets6.8kg
122 x
183cm or
152 x
Giselle Bedding
Glass Beads5kg152 x
BUZIO Weighted Blanket 7kg for Adults Weighting About 60-80kg, Heavy Blanket Cool Cotton and Premium Glass Beads, Great for People with Sleep Stress 120 x 180 cm, Dark Grey, Send from Australia
Glass Beads7kg
120 x
or 150 x
Weighted Blanket Cotton Weighted Quilt 6.8kg Gray Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better
High Density
6.8kg220 x
Calming Blanket
Glass Beads4.5kg
198 x
Glass Beads5kg
152 x
203cm (adult)
or 102 x
152cm (child)

Weighted Blanket Reviews

Take a look at our in depth weighted blanket reviews to help you choose the perfect option and get a better night sleep.

Harrison Charcoal

This gorgeous charcoal blanket is weighted with thousands of tiny glass beads sewn into blocks. With three different weights to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect weight for you.

The material is super soft, and if you’re looking for a really cosy blanket, it’s perfect, although if you don’t want to feel too warm under your weighted blanket then it may not be the right choice for you.

The blanket is Oeko Tex 100 certified, meaning it’s free from harmful chemicals and safe to use every day. It isn’t machine washable, which could be a dealbreaker for some, but you can spot clean it if you happen to spill your morning coffee on it.

  • Filling – glass beads
  • Weight – 5kg, 7kg or 9kg
  • Size – 180 x 210cm

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DaveRose Kids

Daverose Kids/Adults Minky Dot Weighted Blanket | Upgraded One Piece Design Heavy Blanket | Reduce Stress Anxiety | Great for ADHS, Insomnia, Autism, Agitation (97x157cm 3.2kg, Violet Minky Dot / Light Grey)

This double-sided blanket is designed especially for children, to help calm them during the day or at night. The minky soft material feels gorgeous on the skin, and is made from breathable cotton so you don’t overheat.

With bumps on one side of the blanket this is the perfect choice for a child with sensory issues and it’s machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about any nighttime accidents.

The pockets are small to ensure an even weight distribution, and filled with micro glass beads which help to keep the blanket smooth, even if your child kicks a lot during the night. The beads are also hypoallergenic, and non-toxic.

  • Filling – glass beads
  • Weight – 3.2kg (also comes in 5kg and 9kg for adults)
  • Size – 97 x 157cm (adult weights are larger)

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Pine & River Ultra Plush

A soft, minky, blanket, this is a lovely option for keeping you warm and cosy at night, as well as having all the benefits of a weighted blanket.

The small pockets keep the weight even, and stop it from moving around too much while you sleep. The silica filling may not be as eco-friendly as glass, but it’s definitely better than plastic. You’ll also need to be careful when washing it. It is machine washable, but only on a low temperature.

This blanket comes in three sizes, adult, teen and child. While this seems simple, you’ll need to make sure it’s still under 10% of the weight of whoever is using it.

  • Filling – silica beads
  • Weight – 6.8kg (adult)
  • Size – 152 x 203cm (adult)

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BlankyHug Cooling Blanket

If you’re a hot sleeper, and don’t think a weighted blanket will work for because of this, then try this out. Made from moisture wicking cotton, designed to keep you cool, this blanket is soothing and anxiety relieving, without being overwhelming.

The pockets are small and filled with eco-friendly, hygienic glass beads so the weight distributes perfectly. The removable cover is soft and velvety, and feels gorgeous against your skin. It’s also machine washable, although the blanket itself can only be spot cleaned.

Like others, this blanket comes in three sizes, adult, teen and child. Again, you’ll need to double check the weight to ensure it’s right.

  • Filling – glass beads
  • Weight – 6.8kg (adult)
  • Size – 203 x 152cm (adult)

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YnM Adult

Weighted Blanket by YnM for Adults(7.7kg for 72.5kg Individual), Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better, Great for Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, OCD, and Sensory Processing Disorder(152cm x 203cm)

If you don’t fancy one of the fluffier style blankets, this cotton one could be the right choice for you. There is an option to buy a softer cover, but it’s not needed if you don’t want it. They also do a cooling bamboo cover, which is perfect if you get hot at night.

Weighted with sand pellets, this is a hypoallergenic, eco-friendly option, although the pockets are rather large, meaning the weight moves round quite a bit.

The blanket itself is machine washable, albeit on a low, gentle setting, but dry cleaning is suggested for longer life.

  • Filling – sand pellets
  • Weight – 6.8kg, 7.7kg or 9kg
  • Size – 122 x 183cm or 152 x 203cm

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Giselle Bedding Heavy Gravity

Designed to fit as close to your body as possible, this blanket hugs you from all sides, while still remaining breathable thanks to its cotton layers.

The glass bead weighting is eco-friendly and the pockets are small to ensure even weight distribution, on all sides of your body. It adapts to any sleeping position, so you awkward sleepers out there will love it.

It’s very durable thanks to its secure stitching, and it’s machine washable for easy cleaning. It does only come in one size, 5kg, which is quite light, and so may not be heavy enough for a lot of people.

  • Filling – glass beads
  • Weight – 5kg
  • Size – 152 x 203cm

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BUZIO Weighted Blanket 7kg for Adults Weighting About 60-80kg, Heavy Blanket Cool Cotton and Premium Glass Beads, Great for People with Sleep Stress 120 x 180 cm, Dark Grey, Send from Australia

A lovely cotton blanket, designed to help cool you during the night, this is another great option if you don’t fancy a fluffy weighted blanket. The cotton is breathable and non-toxic, perfect for using every night.

With a glass bead filling, which we all know now is eco-friendly and hygienic, and small pockets to keep the weight distributed, this blanket also benefits from small ties along the edges. These tie into the recommended duvet cover to keep them securely joined and locked in place.

The duvet cover options range from fluffy velvet, to fur lined, to normal cotton, but are all designed to prolong the lifetime of the blanket and make it easier to clean.

  • Filling – glass beads
  • Weight – 7kg or 9kg
  • Size – 120 x 180cm or 150 x 200cm

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MOHAP Cotton Quilt

Weighted Blanket Cotton Weighted Quilt 6.8kg Gray Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better

If you struggle with allergies then this hypoallergenic, anti-mite blanket is one you should consider. The filling is also specially designed to give no adverse side effects.

The filling is a high density fabric, designed to weight the blanket without the need for beads or pellets. This, along with the quilted design, means the weight is the same no matter how the blanket is placed, creating a better experience for you.

  • Filling – high density fabric
  • Weight – 6.8kg
  • Size – 220 x 240cm

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Calming Blanket Sleep Bundle

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket to help you sleep, then this sleep bundle is the perfect option. Not only do you get the minky soft blanket, you also get a machine washable cover, and a pillow sleep mist, which helps calm your mind and senses for a better night’s sleep.

With tiny glass beads and ultra small pockets, the blanket distributes its weight perfectly and easily, with no bunching or awkward moments.

The Calming Blanket team created these blankets to help with their own frustrating sleep issues, and their care in doing so comes through in the quality of the blankets.

  • Filling – glass beads
  • Weight – 4.5kg, 6.8kg or 9kg
  • Size – 198 x 121cm

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Therapy Premium Weighted Blanket

Therapy recognise that weighted blankets can be warm, and especially in Australia’s warm summers, they’re not always comfortable to sleep under. To get around this, they’ve designed a reversible cover for their weighted blankets, with a soft warming side for winter and a cooling bamboo side for summer. This cover makes this blanket the perfect choice for hot or cold sleepers.

Aside from the cover, the blanket is filled with non-toxic micro glass beads, and sewn into tiny pockets to ensure perfect weight distribution and comfort.

There is a good range of weights, so you can pick the blanket that fits you best. It even comes in a child’s size if your little one struggles to sleep.

  • Filling – glass beads
  • Weight – 5kg, 7kg, 9kg or 11kg
  • Size – 152 x 203cm (adult) or 102 x 152cm (child)

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What is a Weighted Blanket?

Wait, what is a weighted blanket, I hear you ask. Well it’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a blanket filled with some kind of weighting material (usually micro glass beads). 

Sounds simple, but what’s the point? Well, depending on who you ask there are different weighted blanket benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Calming (perfect for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD))
  • Improved sleep
  • Less anxiety
  • More energy
  • Controlled heart rate

How do Weighted Blankets Work?

an image of the best weighted blanket

So, how do weighted blankets work? Well, supposedly, the feel of the weight on you is supposed to feel like a hug, or like you’re being swaddled (yep, just like a baby!). This deep pressure stimulation works to calm you and causes your brain to release happy hormones, reducing anxiety, and helping you sleep better.

If you suffer from a mental health illness, or just find it difficult to sleep, a calming weighted blanket could work for you.

Safety Considerations

Obviously sleeping under a weighted blanket is not for everyone. You may not like the feel of being weighted down, especially if you suffer from claustrophobia or something similar.

It’s also recommended to not let children sleep under them, usually under the age of eight and if they can’t lift it off themselves. It’s a big no-no for any child under the age of three either way.

Weighted blankets may not be for you if you suffer from hot flashes during the night, or in general run very hot while you sleep. While some weighted blankets use more breathable fabrics, overall they are very warm and tend to keep the heat in. Of course, if you’re a cold sleeper, then they’re perfect!

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket be?

There are many different weights of weighted blanket available, and most manufacturers have their own recommendations, depending on age. The best weighted blanket for kids will have a lower weight than the best weighted blanket for adults.

Usually the recommended weight is between 5 and 10% of your body weight, but it’s really personal preference as to how heavy you go. I’ve included a simple guide below, but really, get what feels right for you.

  • Blanket weight of under 5kg – best for children under 12 years.
  • Blanket weight of between 5kg and 10kg – best for adults who prefer a lighter weight, or weigh up to 100kg.
  • Blanket weight of between 10kg and 20kg – best for adults who prefer a heavier weight or weigh between 100kg and 200kg.

Features to Look for

When looking for the best weight blankets Australia has to offer, there are a few features to look out for. I’ve explained these in more detail below.


Weighted blankets can be warm. If you’re always cold at night, then go for a soft, fleecy fabric, but if you get hot, then you’ll want to think about getting a more breathable type, made from cotton.

Most blankets come with a removable cover, and a waterproof lining on the inner blanket. It’s definitely a good idea to look for one with a waterproof lining if it’s for a child, or you get really hot during the night.

Filler Material

Most weighted blankets are filled with some kind of weighting material. This varies from micro glass beads to plastic pellets, or more natural materials like sand or small pebbles.

Usually the filler material is sewn into smaller pockets, to ensure an even weight distribution. The smaller the pockets, the better the distribution of weight.

If you’re looking for a blanket that’s friendly to the environment, then the natural materials are probably your best bet, but could lead to mould growth if washed incorrectly. The micro glass beads are also eco-friendly, and can last a long time if looked after properly.


Much like weight, the size is very much a personal consideration. It’s usually recommended to have one blanket per person, rather than say a king size to cover your whole bed. The simple reason being that people are different weights, and what works for you may not work for your partner, and vice versa.

You should never get a blanket that is too big, or that you can’t lift easily.

In general, the blanket should cover from your chin to your toes, unless you need it for a specific purpose, such as helping with restless leg syndrome. It should also easily cover you from side to side.

Ease of Cleaning

Probably the most important consideration for our busy lives, is how easy is it to clean. Depending on the filler material, blankets can be thrown straight in the washing machine, but not always. A plastic filler will melt in a hot machine, while metal fillers could ruin the fabric.

Some weighted blankets come with separate covers, which can be removed and washed alone. Some can only be spot cleaned, or hand washed. You may want to put your own duvet cover on the blanket, to make washing easier.

Think about how you’ll use the blanket, how hot you get at night, and how easy you want your life to be. It may work better for you to spend a little more to make life easier overall.


What do weighted blankets do?

Designed to weigh down your body, they work in a similar way to a hug. Putting pressure on your body releases happy chemicals to boost your mood, calm your mind and heart, and help you relax enough to sleep.

Are weighted blankets hot?

In a word, yes. They’re designed to simulate a hug, and hugs can get warm! There are ways to mitigate the heat, for example, a lightweight cotton fabric will help, but in general, if you suffer from hot flashes or run hot at night, they may not be for you.

Will a weighted blanket work for me?

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy answer to that. It’s a very personal thing, but chances are, if hugs make you feel better, these may help. The only way to know is to try. Some companies offer a 30-day trial, so this could be a good option if you’re unsure. If it doesn’t work, then simply return it once the trial ends.

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