Best Humidifier, Australia 2020 – Ultimate Guide

From providing protection against airborne viruses and relieving allergy symptoms to preventing dry hair and skin, humidifiers offer a great deal of convenience, but they’re not easy to pick. This article attempts to shed light on some of the best humidifiers, Australia in 2020.

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My Pick for the Best Humidifier, Australia 2020:

My top pick for the best humidifier goes to the TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier. Why? Because it houses a large 4L tank, operates at a noise level that’s under 38dB, and can operate for 12-30 hours before requiring a refill. Not to mention that it’s very reasonably priced.

Comparison Chart – Best Humidifier, Australia 2020

Below is a comparison table where you can see all the humidifiers reviewed in this article. Keep reading further for more in-depth information on each of these top-rated humidifiers.

Evaporative 4.5/5Check
Ultrasonic 2.2L4.0/5Check
Snow Mountain

Ultrasonic 500ml4.3/5Check
Ultrasonic 1000ml4.5/5Check
Steam230 ml4.3/5Check
Ultrasonic 3.0L4.5/5Check

What Is a Humidifier?

Simply put, humidifiers are devices that add moisture to the air in order to prevent dryness. With the aid of a humidifier, you can treat the dryness of various body parts, including the skin, throat, nose, and lips. Humidifiers can also help ease the symptoms of the flu or common cold. 

Humidifiers are featured in five types: central humidifiers, impeller humidifiers, steam vaporizers, ultrasonic humidifiers, and evaporators. Picking the right type will boil down to how much money you’re willing to spend and the size of the area you’d like to humidify. More on that in a bit. 

What Are the Benefits of Humidifiers?

Humidifiers can help prevent dryness of the skin, hair, nose, throat, and more. Moreover, they’re capable of preventing the spread of airborne viruses and relieving allergy symptoms. To add, an attested humidifier can prevent static and damage to wood. Click here to learn more.

Factors to Consider

Considering that humidifiers are available in more than one type, picking the ideal model can be a daunting task. To ensure the most value for your money, consider these factors below.

Humidifier Type

  • Impeller Humidifier – This type of humidifier relies on rotating discs in order to break the water into ultra-fine droplets. Such models release cool mist into the air and tend to have low or moderate outputs. Impeller humidifiers require regular water replacement. 
  • Steam Humidifier – Steam humidifiers, also called vaporizers, boil water to circulate the produced steam in the air. This is the most common and most affordable type. However, these models tend to suffer from energy inefficiency, so you can’t leave them unchecked. 
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier – These models are similar to impeller humidifiers, but rather than using rotating discs, ultrasonic humidifiers use vibrations to create water droplets. This is a highly recommended humidifier, as it can switch between warm and cool mist. 
  • Central Humidifiers – These humidifiers are hardwired into a house’s air conditioning or heating unit and hooked into a house’s plumbing. These units are perfect for humidifying entire houses, rather than just a particular area. They rely on water vapor as well. 
  • Evaporative Humidifiers – These models draw the existing air in your home, filter it with a wick or moist cloth, then release it back cooled and humidified. Evaporative humidifiers are low-maintenance and can reduce the need for HVAC, but they’re quite noisy. 

Warm or Cool Mist

Warm mist humidifiers are awesome choices for people who often suffer from the flu or common cold. Additionally, warm mist units offer a great deal of germicidal protection because they use boiled water. Warm mist units can also be used with certain medications to cure various ailments. 

Most cool mist humidifiers tend to use ultrasonic technology, allowing them to offer great outputs of moisture. Another strong selling point of cool mist humidifiers is that they’re easier to maintain than their warm mist counterparts. Base your decision on the aspects you champion the most. 

Germ Protection

It’s imperative to keep in mind that if you don’t maintain your humidifier on a regular basis, it can be a cause of serious harm. The water inside your humidifier must be changed regularly or the spewed moisture will contain bacteria and mold. And cleaning humidifiers can be challenging. 

Taking that into consideration, it’s important to invest in a unit that features germicidal protection so that you avoid the emergence of germs and mold. One of the most traditional means of germ protection is UV light, as it kills microbes effectively, but requires regular bulb replacement. 

Other humidifiers rely on the use of ionic silver or carbon filters, which are a very effective way of keeping the water inside the humidifier clean. The vibrations produced by ultrasonic humidifiers to create tiny droplets can also kill germs effectively without the need for other measures. 

Warm mist humidifiers are also very effective when it comes to getting rid of germs, as they rely on boiling/heat. There are several models on the market that utilize a combination of germicidal measures in order to combat the presence of germs. These tend to be the most effective. 

Number of Units

Unless you’re using a central humidifier, it can be hard to humidify an entire house with only one unit, which means that, depending on the size of your house, you’ll probably need more than a single humidifier. Luckily, humidifiers are available in various different sizes and capacities. 

If you’re concerned about your utility bills being too steep, we highly advise installing small units in the areas that are most frequently used. If you’ve got an air conditioning or heating system in your house, you can save yourself the trouble and just invest in a central humidifier. 

Humidifier Capacity

Contrary to what you may think, deciding on the capacity you need your humidifier to have isn’t hard at all. Basically, the larger the unit’s capacity, the less often you’ll need to refill it. However, you must consider factors such as ease of refilling, space consumption, and weight. 

Most large-capacity humidifiers are capable of stocking around two gallons of water and can be used for days without the need to be refilled. It all really boils to your requirements. Do you want a compact, easy-to-carry humidifier? Or do you want a large, refill-twice-a-week humidifier?

Which Humidifier is Best for Baby’s Room?

The best humidifier for a baby’s room is the InnoBeta 3.0L Air Humidifier for the simple fact that it’s whisper-quiet in its performance. It’s also equipped with a ton of convenient features that will ensure safety, ease of use, and a soothing, sleep-encouraging atmosphere for your baby. 

Humidifier Reviews, 2020

Below are in-depth reviews that will give you the rundown on the best humidifiers on the market and their top features. Read carefully as each product boasts a different size and capacity. 

InnoBeta 3.0L Air Humidifier

In search of the best humidifier for baby rooms? The 3.0L Air Humidifier from InnoBeta is one of the quietest fountain humidifiers on the market. It releases a visible mist that provides temporary relief from coughs and nasal congestion, offering your baby a quiet good night’s sleep.

This humidifier has a large opening that allows for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Further, it boasts an auto shut-off function, which ensures safety The tank is see-through, meaning that it’s very easy to tell when the water is low. This model also features a remote control for convenience. 

The InnoBeta 3.0L Air Humidifier also features a touchpad that allows for ease of use. Equipped with a built-in timer, you can easily program this unit to shut off after a preset period of time. You will also love the blue night light, as it makes for an atmosphere that babies will find soothing. 

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TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

The TaoTronic Cool Mist Humidifier is a superb model for use in the bedroom, as it’s as quiet as a whisper, producing less than 38dB of noise. The device flaunts a tank capacity of 4L, which is ideal for all-night humidifying. This unit is also great for use in offices, nurseries, and so on. 

This humidifier is equipped with an informative LED display that indicates the current RH. You’re able to choose between three mist levels. It’s recommended that you set the humidity anywhere between 40% and 60%. It’s also equipped with a sleep mode that shuts off the LED screen.

The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier offers optimal safety, as it automatically shuts off in the event of the water running out. It’s equipped with reliable microporous cartridge filters that filter the water for bad odor and microorganisms. The filter needs to be changed every 4 months. 

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Philips Air Humidifier HU4803/70

Featuring smart evaporation technology and automatic control, this excellent air humidifier from Philips allows you to fight dry air with ease and precision. Its natural evaporative process is the reason why this unit is so popular, as it doesn’t rely on the use of chemicals whatsoever. 

The way this unit works is simple. Dry air passes through the humidifier, water vapor is added to ensure humidity, then the humid air exits the humidifier and into the surrounding air. This device evaporates the water and turns it into a warm mist, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria. 

The Philips Air Humidifier features an easy-to-fill water tank and easy-to-clean design. There’s a ‘max’ indicator so that you don’t overfill the tank. When the tank goes empty, the unit will shut off to ensure safety. With a humidification rate of 250 ml/h, this unit is ideal for medium-size rooms. 

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Hysure 2.2 Liter Air Humidifier 

If you champion compactness and portability, the Hysure Air Humidifier will offer a great deal of convenience. This unit releases a fine cool mist that can help cool the air in your room, sparing you the need to turn on the AC. It’s ideal for rooms between 20 and 30 square meters. 

This humidifier is remarkably easy to refill, as it features a removable top cover that you can just pop off and add water to the tank. The tank is quite large and should offer you 24 hours of use. The tank also has a large upper opening that makes it super easy to clean. 

Like almost all of the models on our list, the Hysure Air Humidifier features an automatic shut-off function that helps ensure safety when the water runs out. You can select from three adjustable mist modes: low, medium, and high. Overall, a compact, quiet, and easy to use a humidifier. 

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SmartDevil Snow Mountain Humidifier

Operating under 30dB of noise, the SmartDevil Snow Mountain Humidifier is one of the quietest units on this list. If you’re looking for a comfortable good night’s sleep, this is the optimal unit for you. There are two modes of night light, so you can pick the one that meets your needs. 

Considering this is a desk humidifier, it doesn’t come with the most accommodating tank, at only 500ml. Still, the tank is large enough to offer you five hours of use. As soon as the water levels drop inside of the tank, all spray modes will be turned off automatically to prevent hazards.  

This humidifier features two spray modes: intermittent spraying and continuous spaying. Simply click the spray button once to activate continuous spray and twice to active intermittent spray. In addition, the humidifier can be powered by a USB charger, which is why it’s excellent for desks. 

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SmartDevil Ultrasonic Humidifier

Are you impressed with the SmartDevil Snow Mountain but looking for a more capable version? The SmartDevil Rechargeable Ultrasonic Humidifier is the answer! This unit features double the capacity of the Snow Mountain, allowing it to spray for up to 14 hours, which is quite impressive. 

This is one of the easiest humidifiers to clean on this list, as it features a smooth inner wall that you can easily reach. The SmartDevil Ultrasonic Humidifier features wireless operation, so you can use it wirelessly for about 5-8 hours. The power is displayed clearly for convenience. 

Adding water to the tank is very easy, thanks to the large top sink design. Similar to all models on this list, the humidifier will cease spraying when the water level inside the tank is lower than the water level probe. Thanks to its one-button control, you’ll find it very easy to use this unit. 

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De’Longhi Micro Drop Humidifier

We’re all used to hearing the name De’Longhi when it comes to coffee makers, but the notable brand has made a respectable entry into the world of humidifiers with the Micro Drop Humidifier. This unit boasts a humidifying rate of 230 ml/h and produces steam-filled air at 55-65°C.

The unit is equipped with anti-bacterial measures that help sterilize the water and eliminate the presence of any harmful bacteria before releasing the steam flow into the air. The unit also has an aromatherapy feature that allows it to diffuse essential oils, not just water. 

The De’Longhi Micro Drop Humidifier offers you quiet and safe sleep with up to seven hours of continuous use. When the tank runs empty, the unit will automatically switch off for safety. All in all, De’Longhi has left its mark in the world of humidifiers just like it did with coffee makers. 

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Rimposky Cool Mist Humidifier

Equipped with a 3L water tank, this unit from Rimposky has to be one of the most commodious humidifiers on the market. At low settings, the Rimposky Cool Mist Humidifier can grant you up to 12 hours of use. You can use the knob control to choose the level of mist you’d like. 

This is one of the easiest models to install and use. It comes with a detailed English instruction manual that points out everything you need to know about the installation process. It comes with a removable mist nozzle and silencer, so you won’t have trouble cleaning and refilling it.

When the tank runs dry, a red light will be displayed indicating that it’s time to refill the tank. And don’t worry about hazards, as the device will be automatically turned off in the event of a drop in the water level. The unit operates at under 36dB, meaning that it’s as quiet as a whisper.

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