What’s The Best Food Processor Australia Offers?

Having the best food processor, Australia, can be a massive benefit in the kitchen! You might be tempted to look for the best cheap food processor but spending a little extra and getting high quality really will make a big difference.

Years ago I bought a cheap option and after 3 uses, it completely died. The motor wasn’t powerful enough and I learnt a valuable lesson – you get what you pay for!

There are so many options out there though. Which one do you choose? How do you know if you need a full sized option or just the best mini food processor Australia offers?

Don’t worry, our food processor reviews are here to save you time and headaches. We’ve done all the research for you. So, whether you want the best small food processor or the biggest one there is, we’ve got them right here.

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Our Top Pick for the Best Food Processor, Australia: Breville Kitchen Whizz

I really love the Breville Kitchen Whizz food processor as it’s a multi appliance blender and food processor. it comes in different capacities and has a solid build that feels like it will last.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the top rated food processors reviewed in this article.

ProductCapacity SizeWeightRatingPrice
Breville Mini Whizz
Breville Mini Wizz Food Processor, White BFP100WHT
x 22.5cm
x 14cm
capacity is
x 20cm
x 23cm
Breville The Kitchen Wizz
Breville The Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus Food Processor, Silver BFP580SIL
capacity is
x 28cm
x 47cm
is 1.5L)
x 24.4cm
x 24.4cm
Bosch MultiTalent8 MC812M853G Food Processor, Plastic, 1250W - Black/Stainless Steel
x 25cm
x 43cm
x 30cm
x 57.1cm
Kenwood MultiPro Sense
Kenwood Multipro Sense Food Processor, Brushed Metal, FPM810
x 23cm
x 40cm
x 30cm
x 27.6cm
x 26.6cm
x 42.2cm
Kenwood Multi Smart
KENWOOD Multi Smart Thermo Cooker, Multi Cooker - Cooking Food Processor -Smart Cooking Made Simple, CCL450SI, Silver, Silver & Grey
x 40.8cm
x 36.7cm

What is a Food Processor?

If you love baking or making meals from scratch, then a food processor is one appliance you simply can’t live without. It’ll change your life when it comes to preparing food.

With the ability to chop, slice, knead, mix, puree and more in mere seconds, you’ll never cook or bake without it again. Just throw everything in the processor, press the button, and there you go.

an image of the best food processor with greens

Food Processor vs Blender (what’s the difference?)

Isn’t that just a blender, I hear you ask. Well, it’s definitely similar but there are key differences. 

A blender’s blades are blunter, meaning they’re great for soups and smoothies, but not so effective for chopping vegetables, or slicing foods. The blades on a food processor are sharp and perfect for shredding and chopping, but unless it’s the best food processor blender combo, they’re not designed for blending in the same way.

So yes, you don’t necessarily need to buy both, there are some models that do both. The best blender food processor will chop, slice, shred and blend foods, so you can prepare anything you like without having to splash out on two different appliances.

Take a look at the best blenders and best stick blenders next!

Features to Look for

Before we have a look at my reviews, let’s have a look at some of the key features you should be thinking about when buying a food processor.


Think about what you’ll be using the processor for, and how many people you have to feed. If you have a large family or bake often, you should really be looking for a larger model. A mini chopper won’t hold enough, and you’ll find yourself having to chop in multiple batches, which will only frustrate you.

If you have a smaller family, or only want a food processor for pureeing or chopping smaller amounts of food, like baby food, then a mini model could be the right choice. It’s much easier to wash, and store, and if you don’t need a larger model then it’s definitely a better option.


Again, this depends entirely on what you’re planning on using the processor for. The more powerful the model, the easier it handles different foods.

If you’re going to be chopping harder foods, like carrots, or nuts, then you’ll need a powerful machine. Equally, if you want to use your processor for making bread or mixing dough, look for a more powerful machine.

Low power models won’t be able to handle daily use, but if you won’t be using it that often, or only using it for softer foods, then you don’t necessarily need the highest power model.


The best size food processor for you is the one that works best for your family. I’ve already talked about capacity, and it’s the same principle for the size. Think about how big your kitchen is, where you’ll store it, and if you need the biggest size or not.

In some cases, the best small food processor Australia offers may be the best choice, especially if you don’t have the largest kitchen for storing appliances.


Some food processors come with just the simplest blades. These are great for chopping or dicing, but don’t give you many options for other functions.

The best food processor will come with interchangeable blades, including attachments for grating, kneading, blending, and more. Think about if you need these attachments, as these models will undoubtedly cost you more.

Regardless of which blades your processor comes with, they should always be stainless steel for easy cleaning and longevity,


The price you pay for a food processor largely dictates how good it will be, or how many extras it will have. Having read this article, you may decide you don’t need some of these features or functions, and in this case, you may be happy paying less.

The best budget food processor will have everything you’re looking for in a standard model, but if you want the extras, be prepared to pay more.

Functions to Look for

Many high end food processors have a whole heap of different useful functions. Here are some of the most useful ones to look for.

  • Chopping/slicing – this is probably the main reason people look for a food processor. Are you tired of chopping and slicing vegetables for food prep? Well, now you can just throw them in the processor.
  • Grating – grating cheese is one of my most hated food prep activities. Box graters are so awkward to hold, and clean, and now there’s no need for them.
  • Mixing – if you love to bake but get arm ache from all that mixing, then you should definitely think about getting a food processor. It makes baking so much easier. Find the best stand mixers here.
  • Kneading – again, like baking, if you love to bake bread but can’t handle the kneading, then look for a processor with a kneading function. It will change your bread life.
  • Puree/blend – this is a must have if you love to make soup, or enjoy making homemade baby food for your little one. There’s just no replacement for a food processor when it comes to pureeing food, and a blend function saves you from having to buy a separate blender.

Food Processor Reviews Australia

Take a look at our food processor reviews and choose which one is the best for you personally. 

Breville Mini Whizz

Breville Mini Wizz Food Processor, White BFP100WHT

Now I can mince onions without crying! :) This small machine grinds ingredients easily without issues. – Angelie


  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Dimensions (L xW x H): 18.5 x 22.5 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

This mini processor is perfect if you’re looking for something to help with food prep for one or two people. It easily chops and purees food at the touch of a button with three different speed settings to help with tougher foods like nuts or vegetables.

It isn’t big, but if you only need a small model, then it’s a good option and the whisk attachment is a lovely extra. For a small kitchen with limited storage space, you can’t go wrong with this.

With its compact size, it’s super quick and easy to clean, which is a huge plus in our crazy world.

What we like

  • Powerful compact food processor
  • It doesn’t take too much time to grind to a fine consistency
  • Easy operation, nothing complicated

What we don’t like

  • A lot of quality issues in the reviews

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Kenwood Pro MultiPro Compact

Lightweight, easy clean, performs as expected. Chops, whisks, grates and slices perfectly. – Jodi


  • Capacity: 2.1L (blender capacity is 1.2L)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 36.5 x 20 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg

This processor comes with plenty of attachments and extras to make any cooking or baking easier for you. As well as the standard blade, it comes with a grating tool, a whisk, and a dough kneading attachment to ensure it’s ready to help you no matter what you’re making.

It also comes with a blender attachment, so you can easily make soups and smoothies, and it runs off the same base to keep it nice and compact.

Its compact size means it can stay out on your kitchen countertop without taking up too much room while cleaning it couldn’t be easier. All the metal attachments can be thrown in the dishwasher, so you can just wipe down the bowls and you’re done.

What we like

  • Strongly built and the glass containers are lovely to use
  • Lots of options and interchangeable blades for optimum chopping, slicing, and food prep
  • Great capacity to handle heavier jobs

What we don’t like

  • It is difficult to get in lock position to start
  • The are a number of quality issues and not powerful enough to grind

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Breville The Kitchen Wizz

Breville The Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus Food Processor, Silver BFP580SIL

We chose this unit because it felt heavier and stronger than cheaper brands, and now having used it a few times we are very happy with the quality of the Wizz! – Chris M.


  • Capacity: 2L (blender capacity is 1.5L)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 55 x 28 x 47 cm
  • Weight: 8.63 kg

This processor is pricey, but in my opinion, worth it. With plenty of attachments, including a grater, a variable slicer, and even a potato peeler(!), this processor is designed for everyday life.

The large-capacity bowl means you can chop, slice, knead, or puree large amounts of food with the touch of a button, while its high power allows it to handle all sorts of tough foods, from nuts to vegetables to ice.

It also comes with a blender and small capacity bowl, so you can adapt it to whatever you’re making, without creating excess washing up for yourself! It’s large and quite heavy, so you’ll need to make sure you have space to store it.

What we like

  • Very secured base with suction cups to ensure your processor base does not move
  • Efficient, powerful quad blades
  • Chops ingredients quickly

What we don’t like

  • Some overheating problems after months of use

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Philips Food Processor

If you enjoy healthy homemade meals, you’ll love Philips Viva Veggie food processor. This processor makes everything better and easier to cook it can so blend the juices, grinding, kneed dough, squeeze, what not. I definitely recommend this. – Mike


  • Capacity: 2.1L (blender capacity is 1.5L)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 37.7 x 24.4 x 24.4 cm
  • Weight: – 4.02 kg

With a compact but stylish design, this food processor would look great in any kitchen. The 2.1L capacity bowl holds plenty of ingredients, meaning you don’t have to do batches of food.

The attachments are what you’d expect from a food processor at this price, with the added bonus of a juicer, so that dream you have of drinking fresh orange juice every morning could come true! The slicing, grating, chopping and kneading are all easy to use, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

The user manual isn’t the best, but there’s plenty of help online so this shouldn’t put you off buying it. If you’re looking for a powerful, compact machine, this is a good option.

What we like

  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Compact and powerful
  • Citrus press is great and slicer and chopping attachments are sharp

What we don’t like

  • Some quality issues with the quality of other attachments

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Bosch Multi Talent

Bosch MultiTalent8 MC812M853G Food Processor, Plastic, 1250W - Black/Stainless Steel


  • Capacity: 3.9L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 22 x 37.5 cm
  • Weight: 6.02 kg

This food processor has so many accessories, you may find yourself overwhelmed with when to use them. Along with the standard slicer, shredder, grater and kneading hook, it also comes with a julienne attachment, a citrus juicer and a whisk.

While this sounds like it would take up a lot of space, it’s actually pretty compact, and all the attachments store in the bowl itself which is useful if your kitchen isn’t that large.

Its smart detection tool automatically detects the correct speed for the job, while the 1250 watts of power ensure it’s powerful enough for whatever you throw at it (although it does mean it’s quite noisy). Speaking of throwing, you can just throw the attachments in the dishwasher, wipe down the bowl and clean up is finished.

What we like

  • It has a lot of available functions and attachments
  • It doesn’t require a lot of space
  • Easy to clean and most parts are dishwasher safe

What we don’t like

  • Instructions should be simplified

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Sunbeam Cafe Series

Love the power of this processor. Much quicker than the previous processor, also the double bowl feature is fantastic. The drawer that holds the discs is a great idea. – Lily


  • Capacity: 2L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 37.6 x 30 x 57.1 cm
  • Weight: 11.4 kg

The extra large chute on this food processor means you don’t have to chop any vegetables before putting them in, so this is possibly the easiest and quickest model to use.

It doesn’t come with a blender, but unless you’re completely set on morning smoothies, don’t let that be a deal breaker. This is a powerful machine and makes food prep easier than ever.

It is quite heavy, but because of the design it doesn’t take up too much space, and there’s a handy little draw for all the attachments so you don’t need to find anywhere for them to live.

What we like

  • It has handy storage for the blades
  • Excellent vegetable slicer/chopper
  • Compact, very sturdy and powerful

What we don’t like

  • Attachments drawer can be difficult to slide out and close

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Kenwood MultiPro Sense

Kenwood Multipro Sense Food Processor, Brushed Metal, FPM810


  • Capacity: 3.5l
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 23 x 40 cm
  • Weight: 12.6kg

Another large capacity model, this processor is a great choice if you have a big family, or really love baking. Its sleek design would look great in any kitchen, although you might need a big box for all those attachments!

With a variety of slicers, graters and choppers, along with a whisk, juicer, kneader and blender, this food processor will be your best friend in the kitchen, no matter what you’re making.

The bowl itself is made from specially designed heatproof glass so you can use it with hot or cold ingredients without panicking about it breaking, while its auto speed function picks the best speed for the attachment so nothing breaks and your food is perfectly prepped.

What we like

  • It comes with a lot of attachments and the built in scale is awesome
  • A lot quieter
  • Sturdy and does everything you need!

What we don’t like

  • None. Awesome machine!

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Kitchenaid Artisan


  • Capacity: 3.1L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 43 x 30 x 27.6 cm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg

Full disclosure. I am a sucker for a KitchenAid product. They’re beautiful, well-made, and look great in any kitchen. However, they are expensive, and this food processor is no exception, to either statement.

This model includes attachments to help you slice, knead, shred and puree to your hearts content. It doesn’t have some of the extra attachments others do, so you’ll need to think about whether you actually need them or not.

There are some nice features here though, its extra wide feed tube means you don’t have to chop everything before putting it in, while the storage case keeps all the attachments and bowls happily in one place.

What we like

  • Works fast and efficiently
  • Easy to use and store
  • Love the storage compartment for the blades

What we don’t like

  • None. Good food processor!

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Sunbeam MultiProcessor


  • Capacity: 1.75L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 36.3 x 26.6 x 42.2 cm
  • Weight: 5.4kg

This model is the perfect choice for someone just starting out on their food processor journey. It’s a good price, not too big, and has everything you need for chopping, slicing and kneading, without any of the extras you’re not quite sure you’ll use.

It’s not the prettiest processor on this list, but it’s hard-working and easy to use. Its five different speed settings help you get the consistency you need, no matter what you’re preparing, and its storage drawer ensures every attachment has a place to live.

It may not be the one for you if you have a large family, but for a couple, or small family, it’s a great option.

What we like

  • Great value for money
  • Comes with a lot of attachments and has a section where you can store all of it
  • Very compact and it is a quieter machine

What we don’t like

  • None. Fantastic machine!

Kenwood Multi Smart Thermo Cooker

KENWOOD Multi Smart Thermo Cooker, Multi Cooker - Cooking Food Processor -Smart Cooking Made Simple, CCL450SI, Silver, Silver & Grey


  • Capacity: 4.5L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 58.4 x 40.8 x 36.7 cm
  • Weight: 14.2kg

This all singing, all dancing, food processor not only chops and slices your food, but cooks it as well! Whether you want to steam some fish, cook your sauce or fry off some vegetables, you can do it all on this machine. You can even bake a cake!

With plenty of attachments, including a slicer, grater and blender, this is a really good food processor. It also has adapters for stir frying and slow cooking. This does mean there are plenty of bits and pieces to store, but it comes with a storage box that fits most bits in which is useful.

It can be a bit overwhelming, and maybe you don’t need a food processor that can also cook your food, but it’s definitely a good option if you live in a smaller house without much room for different pots and pans or appliances.

What we like

  • Perfect for making cakes, soups, etc.
  • Has a recipe app to check and try
  • A real time saver

What we don’t like

  • Takes awhile to assemble but if you’ll get the hang of it, it will be easier

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Do I need a warranty? How long should it be?

Yes, you definitely want a warranty. Check the paperwork that comes with it for the manufacturer’s warranty and how long it is. Usually, it’ll be a year, sometimes three. You’re better going for the option with the longest warranty to save you money if something happens in the future.

How much should I spend?

This is completely up to you. Think about what you’ll use it for, and why you’ll use it. I would suggest steering clear of super cheap models, as they’re much more likely to break and cost you more money in replacements. Having said that, don’t spend more than you can afford.

What is the pulse function, and is it important?

The pulse function allows you to control the speed at which the processor moves. It’s important to stop softer foods from turning into purees, instead of just being chopped up. Most food processors have a pulse function, but I’d steer clear of any that don’t.

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Sophie is a cook and food enthusiast who has owned and run a cafe in her remote community since 2017. She wants to show that, no matter how busy you are, there is a way to make cooking and family life simpler and more enjoyable.