Finding The Best Blender, Australia 2020 (The Ultimate Guide!)

Adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet is an excellent way to get all those vital nutrients and vitamins. If you’re looking to eat healthier or even just make meal prep quicker and more convenient, having the best blender Australia offers makes it much easier.

Blenders let you crush, chop, and puree ingredients to prepare fresh and tasty smoothies, soups, sauces, drinks and so much more! If you want to learn more about blenders, scroll past the reviews for some tips on what features to look out for.

In this article, we’ll recommend some of the top blenders Australia has and help you choose the right one using our detailed best blender reviews. So, whether you’re looking for the best bullet blender, best stick blender, best blender for ice, best blender for smoothies or just need the best cheap blender on the market, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Top Pick:

The Kenwood Kmix blender is my pick for the top blender we’ll review here. I love the sleek design and the fact it’s available in four different colours to suit any decor. The 1.6 litre glass jug can safely blend hot or frozen food without fear of cracking and it’s very reasonably priced.

Comparison Chart – Best Blender, Australia

Kenwood kMix
Jug1.6 LitreCheck
Jug6 cupCheck
Kitchenaid Artisan

Jug1.75 litre Check
Breville Fresh
& Furious

Jug1.5 litreCheck
Nutri Ninja
Bullet900 ml
700 ml
500 ml
NutriBullet 1200W
Bullet900 ml Check
Braun MultiQuick
Stick1.25 litreCheck
Salta Hand
Portable Rechargeable
Portable500 mlCheck

Best Blender Reviews Australia

Chances are, your blender will be a high use item so you need to be careful while shopping for one. Here are our top picks and further on read more about all the features to look out for.

Kenwood kMix Blender

Blending hot and cold ingredients is never a problem with this model, thanks to the thermo-resistant, 1.6 litre glass jug that lets you mix up to 1.2 litres of liquid. The jug also has a ribbed design which pushes the food or liquid back in towards the blades, to give more efficient blending.

The removable multiZone TM blades are even strong enough to crush ice. Once you’re done, simply pull them out for easy and effortless cleaning. The variable speed options and the pulse feature means you can easily blend your food to the desired consistency.

This blender also features non-slip feet to keep it stable on your countertop, a slot for storing the cord once you’re done and all parts are dishwasher-safe. The blender is available in 4 different colours.

If you want something that not only looks sleek and modern on the kitchen but also has great blending power, you could do a lot worse than the Kenwood kMix.

What We Like

➢     Glass goblet that doesn’t react with food.

➢     Sharp, powerful blades.

➢     Non-slip feet and a cord storage compartment.

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Vitamix EXPLORIAN Blender

You’ll see plenty of 5 star Vitamix blender reviews online and if you want to prepare healthy smoothies for the whole family, this could be the best smoothie blender Australia offers.

The 6 cup jug is suitable for making small or medium batches of sauces, smoothies, soups and much more. It’s available in 2 colours; black and white to match the décor of your kitchen.

With hardened laser-cut stainless steel blades, this blender is strong enough to crush hard ingredients including ice. Coupled with the blades, the powerful 2 HP motor makes blending most items a breeze.

This blender is suitable for grinding spices, coffee, and nuts to make nut butter. It’s capable of kneading bread and pizza dough and you can even use the speed and friction of the blades to heat soups, without a stove.

When it’s time to clean up, just add a little dish soap and blitz for 30 to 60 seconds or, alternatively, the jug is dishwasher-safe.

What We Like

➢     A versatile blender that can be used for an amazing array of recipes.

➢     Various speed controls.

➢     Super strong, hardened stainless steel blades.

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Kitchenaid Artisan Diamond

Kitchenaid are well known for offering high quality, long lasting products and the Artisan Diamond blender is no different.

The 550W blender has a dishwasher safe, shatter resistant, and BPA free 1.75 litre (8 cup) jug that has a secure “stay put” lid with an ingredient cap. The blades are made from strong stainless steel and can easily crush hard ingredients like ice.

There are 5 modes depending on the job you’re doing – hot foods, chop, mix, puree, and liquify. Then there are two extra speed settings – crush ice and pulse so you can make a huge array of dishes with the one blender.

What We Like

➢     7 different speed/mode settings

➢     Dishwasher safe, shatter resistant jug

➢     Available in two colours – black and red

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Breville Fresh & Furious

Another well known brand in the kitchen appliance market, Breviile make high quality products with an affordable price tag and the Fresh & Furious is just that.

This blender has an impressive 1300 Watt motor, which is impressive considering the low price tag. The kinetix blade system has surgical grade stainless steel, serrated ice crushing blades that make light work of hard items.

The shatterproof Tritan jug is BPA free, has a capacity of 1.5 litres and comes with the tight fitting Breville assist lid. There are 5 speed settings and the jug is completely dishwasher safe. Everything has an attractive silver finish that will suit most kitchen decor.

What We Like

➢    Powerful 1300W motor

➢     Serrated ice crushing blades

➢     Attractive silver finish

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Best Bullet Blenders, Australia Reviews

Nutri Ninja BL480ANZMN

Ninja are well known for being some of the best bullet blenders and if you’re looking for the best Ninja blender, this could be the answer.

This model comes with 3 different cups to fit your individual needs. There’s a large 900 ml, a medium 700 ml and a small one that measures 500 ml. All cups come with sip and seal lids that let you to take your favourite drink on the go.

Thanks to its Auto IQ technology, a single touch is enough to set your blender to work. The 1000Watt motor is strong enough to crush and extract all the nutrients from your vegetables and fruit for a healthy and tasty smoothie.

The Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blades make turning any food or ice to the desired consistency a breeze. You can even use this blender to crush seeds and nuts to make great nut butters and other recipes.

Cleaning the blender is easy by simply rinsing the parts with water and all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe as well.

What We Like

➢     Comes with 3 different cups.

➢     Powerful motor.

➢     Dishwasher-safe parts.

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NutriBullet 1200W Series

Crushing the hardest ingredients is easy thanks to the 1200W motor in this Nutribullet, making it one of the best personal blenders. It also comes with strong blades and extra features to help prepare all kinds of different dishes in the kitchen.

The smart motor powers itself down after maximum extraction thanks to the AutoBlast cycle feature. The one-touch operation minimises the guesswork and helps achieve the desired results every time.

This blender includes two 900 ml cups and one features a handle for more convenience. The containers are BPA-free and come with flip-top lids, so you can enjoy your smoothies on the go. You’ll even receive a recipe book and a user guide to help you get started with healthy eating.

Cups are dishwasher-safe, and the blades clean easily with a quick rinse under the tap. Models of NutriBullet blenders are covered by a 1-year warranty, another reason they’re considered one of the best blender brands.

What We Like

➢     Compact blender with a small footprint.

➢     AutoBlast cycle feature to shut off the motor.

➢     Portable cup with a handle.

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Best Stick Blender Reviews

Braun MultiQuick

With the Braun MultiQuick you can be confident your kitchen will stay clean thanks to the anti-splash feature. This blender has a 700Watt motor and an extra milling blade to minimize pre-cutting. Basically, this guarantees that all your ingredients will be blended efficiently making it one of the best stick blenders Australia offers.

The best hand blender needs to multi-functional and this one can be used to whisk eggs, whip cream, beat and stir from low to high speed depending on the recipe. Changing attachments is straightforward, thanks to the easy one-click system. Cleaning is a breeze and everything is dishwasher safe.

This stick blender features 2-speed options and the 1.25-litre pitcher is enough to prepare 4 cups of smoothie at a time. Don’t worry about crushing ice as the blades are sharp and won’t break or bend, no matter how often you use them.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll love this unit as it comes with several attachments and has a small footprint making it one of the best value blenders.

What We Like

➢     Versatile unit with several attachments.

➢     Attach accessories with a single click.

➢     Extra blade to crush solid ingredients and ice.

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Salta Hand Blender

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll like this blender. A lot of users claim that it’s the best stick blender Australia has because it’s practical and straightforward to use.

Featuring an 800 Watt motor, this blender is more reliable and more potent than some of the bigger units on the market. It has a small footprint, so you can store it easily in a small kitchen cabinet or a drawer.

This blender crushes, blends, purees, minces and chops different food ingredients for all your recipes. It features 2 different speeds so you can prepare various recipes easily and the stainless steel blade and whisk are durable.

It works best with softer ingredients, so you’ll need to use it for a longer period if you want to crush hard vegetables and fruit. It also helps if you cut your ingredients into small pieces before use.

What We Like

➢     Portable stick hand blender.

➢     Strong motor with 2 speed options.

➢     Small footprint and easy storage.

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Best Portable Blender

Portable Rechargeable Juice Blender

Spending time away from home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have your fresh smoothies whenever you like. This portable blender is the best to use in the office, at home, or even on a camping trip. It’s made of safe food-grade stainless steel and non-toxic plastic that doesn’t react with the chemicals in your food.

Featuring four sturdy blades, this blender is surprisingly powerful for a small portable model.

If you don’t have access to electricity, you don’t have to miss out. The built in lithium-ion batteries are charged using a USB cable to power the motor.

The blender is compact and easy to store once you’re done using it making it one of the best budget blenders you can easily carry with you.

What We Like

➢     Affordable battery-operated blender

➢     Made of food-grade stainless steel

➢     Suitable for use away from home

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Blender Vs Food Processor

If you already have a food processor, you’re probably wondering if you even need a blender as well. The answer is yes! These are two very different appliances and they have completely different functions.

Food processors are designed to chop, shred and dice but can’t make smooth purees. On the other hand, a blender doesn’t chop food but instead turns it into a liquid e.g smoothies, purees and soups.

Find our favourite food processors here

Types of Blenders

an image showing the best cheap blender with some vegetables ready to make soup

There are several types of blenders available, and all of them can be used to prepare different meals and drinks. However, some of them carry more features, so you need to ask yourself what you expect of your blender before you go ahead and buy.

Choosing the right blender will enable you to use it to its full potential. Here are some things that you should consider before picking one.

Jug Blenders

Countertop or jug blenders are the ones that you usually think of when you say the word blender. These are the most versatile models that can be used in a huge range of ways and are the best blender to make soup or best blender for hot liquids in general.

How much space they need depends on the capacity of the blender, so they might not be suitable for people who have small countertops. Most of these models have dishwasher safe components.

Bullet Blenders

Bullet blenders are usually used to prepare a single or double serving of protein shakes or smoothies. Theses blenders are usually really powerful and capable of easily liquidising a different range of ingredients. They’re also the best blender for crushing ice, best blender for frozen fruit and even the best blender for peanut butter.

The best bullet blender Australia offers can be separated to give you a cup that you can use on the go and they’re considered by many to be the best smoothie makers.

The only problem with bullet blenders is that they can’t be used to prepare large batches and they’re not suitable for hot liquids.

Stick Blenders

Stick or hand blenders are suitable for people on tight budgets and are the best small blenders that are versatile and easy to use.

Some of these models come with their own mixing containers or jugs, or you can use them with any pitcher you have at home.

Hand blenders can be used to make salsas, soups, baby food, sauces and even whisk eggs, depending on the attachments. They work best with soft ingredients and the best immersion blenders are quick and easy.

Vacuum Blenders

These are the new kids on the block and you may not have heard about vacuum blenders before. They are very similar to the traditional jug blender but they blend ingredients in a vacuum environment.

Fans of vacuum blenders say this preserves nutrients as well as creates a much smoother and silkier soup, sauce or smoothie.

Features of the Best Blenders 2020

best smoothie maker australia making a green smoothie
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The capacity of a blender is usually measured in cups. If you live alone or prefer to enjoy fresh smoothies every single time, a single serve blender is the best option. It will have a small footprint, and probably be more affordable.

However, a small blender is quite limiting, especially if you want to prepare drinks for guests or make a large batch of sauce or soup. Bigger blenders allow you to prepare food and drinks for the whole family.

You do need to think about the space available on your counter though and, ultimately, it’ll be a choice between capacity and size.

Speed Settings

Different speed settings are great because you can adjust the operation of the blender to suit your needs and the consistency you’re trying to achieve.

Some people prefer crushing ingredients slowly, to prevent the oxidation process, while others look for blenders that can do the job fast.

Build Material

When shopping for a blender, you’ll want to make sure everything is made of safe materials that don’t react with food.

BPA free plastic is the most common material for a blender jug. Glass is an even better choice but it does add weight to the machine. You need to make sure that your blender is easy to clean, so picking a model with dishwasher-safe components is also important.

Extra Features

Some blenders come with additional features that make them good value for money. For example, you can use your blender to grind spices or coffee by installing the right blades. Whisking food can also be done using the right attachment.

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How to Make the Most of Your Blender

Woman using one of the best juice blenders to create a healthy juice drink

Having a good blender is only half the battle, you also need to learn how to use it properly. Here are some tips to help you make the best of your blender.

➢     A pulse feature will come in handy to help release stuck ingredients under the blades.

➢     For best results fill the jug with liquids then add the solid ingredients. Keep ice till the end.

➢     If you’re using your blender to chop ingredients for the sauce, soup, or salsa, you should cut all your ingredients to small pieces first.

➢     Keep your eye on the blender, as it might move on the countertop.

➢     Clean the blender after every use to make sure that pieces of food won’t dry and become more difficult to remove.

➢     To clean the blender, fill it with warm or hot water and some dish soap, run for 20 seconds and rinse.

Wrap Up

Smoothies are full of healthy nutrients and preparing them is easy using the right home appliance. I need a blender that’s powerful and can handle a range of different jobs so the Kenwood kMix Blender is my top pick.

If you need a blender with a smaller footprint, we recommend that you take a look at the Nutri Ninja BL480ANZMN Nutrient Extractor.

If you prefer a healthy juice in the morning to smoothies, read my cold-pressed juicer reviews next. Or make dinner time quicker and easier with an all in one cooker.